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Bedrock data lake management platform

To realize value from big data and the powerful, but ever-changing ecosystem, you need enterprise-grade data management. Bedrock is the only fully-integrated, data lake management platform that provides data visibility, governance, and reliability. By simplifying and automating common data management tasks, you can focus your time and resources on building the insights and analytics that drive your business.

Visibility, governance & reliability

Do more, spend less

Unleash the power of big data

Bedrock enables you to remove the obstacles associated with building and managing a powerful enterprise data lake. With Bedrock you can reduce operational expenditures and derive real insight from big data. On average, we find that Bedrock allows customers to remove 70% of their OPEX – but the benefit to the business in terms of agility, innovation and time to market is the real value.

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First Things First

Ingestion made easy

Bedrock makes it easy to ingest data into the data lake. With Bedrock all steps of data ingestion are defined in advance, tracked and logged. The process is repeatable and scalable. Configure Bedrock to automatically pick up incoming files, tag them, even run transformations at the time of ingest. Streaming ingest is supported.

Metadata Matters

Improve data visibility, governance and reliability

Bedrock makes it easy to organize and manage data, regardless of volume. It captures operational, technical, and business metadata. Consumers can search, browse, and find the data they need for analytics, reducing the time to insight for new analytics projects. Additionally, with file and record level watermarking you can see data lineage, where data moves and how it is used.

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Data Ready

Orchestrate data transformation and preparation

Bedrock simplifies data transformations. Orchestrate workflows using built-in functionality that delivers data privacy, quality and visibility. Bedrock enables data tagging, converting data formats and complex workflow orchestration to integrate updated or changed data in the data lake. In addition, Bedrock allows business users to extract data into the visualization tool of their choice without an IT request and without SQL knowledge.

Data Security

Protect sensitive data

Data lakes enable multiple groups to share access to centrally stored data. But users have differing permissions to view information, so Bedrock provides masking and tokenization of data. This built-in capability ensures that it is complete before the data is published in the data lake for consumption, enabling more open and democratized access to data for those with permission.

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Distribution Agnostic

Flexible deployment options

Bedrock is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, most data processing engines, and applicable to on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment models.

Drag and Drop GUI for Reduced Coding

Easily leverage the full Hadoop ecosystem

The most comprehensive, unified platform for data lake management, Bedrock provides a single, easy-to-use interface from which to leverage best-of-breed Hadoop ecosystem components. Its drag and drop GUI abstracts coding for various Hadoop components, enabling non-experts to automate ingestion, create workflows and build queries without knowing how to code.

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Get to know why Bedrock is the leading platform for data lake management.

Bedrock: Integrated Data Lake Management Platform

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Realizing the Promise of a Hadoop Data Lake

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