Unified Data Management, Governance & Self-Service

The Zaloni Data Platform

To accelerate time to insight and value, you need a single, unified platform that automates data management, cataloging, governance and self-service to produce a scalable, actionable data lake.

The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) is a comprehensive, integrated solution that operationalizes data processes along the entire pipeline from data source to data consumer. The platform provides the following benefits:

  • An integrated platform for everyone
  • Automation of repeatable management tasks and processes
  • Ability to centrally manage all enterprise data sources regardless of location: On-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership across infrastructure, data, and labor

Discover how you can get more from an operationalized data lake.

Zaloni data lake management platform capabilities


Accelerate time and effort to build the data lake by 75%.


Reduce time to insight from weeks to minutes.


Enjoy a 650% return on investment vs. build your own.

Enable the data lake for management that scales

IT and engineering teams can build and manage the data lake to scale for right-time insights across the enterprise:

  • Ingest data, from any source, with ease
  • Automatically capture operational, technical and business metadata to organize your data lake
  • Orchestrate and automate data preparation
  • Significantly reduce time spent on coding via the drag-and-drop interface
  • Maintain a clean data catalog for self-service data discovery and preparation
IT and engineering teams build and design the data lake

Govern the lake for data quality and trust

Data stewards and compliance teams have access to manage processes and access to data for right-sized governance and quality:

  • Leverage metadata management for governance
  • Track data lineage throughout the data lifecycle
  • Implement agile data mastering
  • Automate workflows to ensure data quality and integrity
  • Enforce data privacy and role-based security
  • Manage the comprehensive data lifecycle from interception to retirement
Data stewards and compliance teams govern the data lake

Engage with analytics-ready data

Analysts and data scientists can discover data sets, interact with them and uncover the insights that drive your business:

  • Explore and curate data from an enterprise-wide data catalog
  • Reduce time to analytics with self-service data preparation
  • Enable collaboration in workspaces for improved productivity
  • Increase efficiency through automated workflows
Analysts and data scientists engage with the data lake

Use Machine Learning to Automate Your Data Lake with Zaloni’s Data Master Extension (DME)

Data Master is an extension to the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) that provides a practical, unique solution for data mastering in the data lake. Build golden records using a spark-based machine learning engine for matching and linking records.

Simplify and Amplify Your Modern Data Infrastructure

Our fully integrated platform minimizes the pain of modernizing your data architecture and helps you streamline your complex and fragmented data stack.

No need to rip and replace. The platform is distribution agnostic and ready where you are: the cloud, on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid.

Big Data Solutions

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Case Studies

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Discover the Value of an Operationalized Data Lake

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