Data Warehouse (DW) Augmentation

Data Warehouse Augmentation

data warehouse augmentation case study
Breathing new life into a data warehouse (case study)

Traditional approaches for data processing in the data warehouse can’t keep pace with big data. According to Gartner, nearly 70% of all data warehouses face challenges related to performance and capacity. Hadoop with Bedrock makes enterprises more agile by offloading extract, transform, load (ETL) functions to an open source platform – delivering faster processing and saving millions of dollars. Already in production with Fortune 500 organizations worldwide, Zaloni Bedrock is the industry’s only fully integrated Hadoop data platform. Bedrock’s intuitive UI makes it easy for organizations to ingest, organize, enrich and extract data within the Hadoop data lake.


Improve Performance and Capacity While Reducing Costs

“One of the greatest challenges with managing massive amounts of data, located across multiple sources, is managing cost. With Zaloni’s Bedrock Platform we will realize $33M in savings, and those savings accompanied a scalable, highly available and reliable platform.” – Pradeep Varadan, Associate Director, Verizon Enterprise Solutions


Maximize Available Data for Analysis

By taking a modern approach to your data warehouse infrastructure, you will not only improve its performance and capacity, but you will also unleash the availability and efficiency of data for analysis. Your most valuable business insights can be discovered from multiple sources thanks to the offload capabilities and scalability that a modern data lake architecture can provide for your data warehouse environment.


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Maximizing the Value of Your Data Warehouse

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Bedrock: Integrated Data Lake Management Platform

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Data Warehouse Augmentation: Cut Costs, Increase Power

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