Data Lake 360°
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Data Lake 360°

The future enterprise data ecosystem will have a managed data lake at its core. The data lake will be fed by structured data sources, real-time data streams and unstructured data like emails, videos and more. All data will be stored in this centralized repository — in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid — where it can be transformed, cleansed and manipulated by data scientists and business teams into actionable insights.

Are you ready? We’re ready to help get you there.

Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° solution helps you navigate the complexity of creating a modern, integrated big data architecture for advanced analytics and data science.

A holistic approach to big data: Enable, govern, engage

The flexibility of data lakes promises the agility and scalability that enterprises require to derive timely, valuable business insights from big data. For a data lake to be successful, enterprises need to take a holistic approach. We break down what you need to consider into three steps:

1) Enable the lake

  • Managed ingestion: Define, track and log all steps of what data is ingested into the data lake
  • Metadata management: Apply technical, operational and business metadata to manage data quality and have a more complete view of your inventory

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2) Govern the data

  • Data lineage: Track where data comes from and what happens to it over time
  • Data privacy and security: Leverage metadata to apply permissions, policy-based security, watermarking, masking and tokenization
  • Data quality: Provide a clear understanding of the level of each dataset’s quality
  • Data lifecycle management: Automate management of data assets from use and reuse to eventual retirement and long-term storage/archiving

3) Engage the business

  • Data catalog: Provide an enterprise-wide view of data to discover and curate
  • Self-service data preparation: Provide a sandbox for end users to interact and work with sample data and export results or create a workflow

Data Lake 360: The right tools and expertise

Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° solution includes Bedrock, the industry’s only fully-integrated data lake management platform, and Mica, a data catalog and self-service data preparation tool, which enable you to manage the entire data pipeline from ingestion through extraction. You also benefit from our knowledge about the quickly evolving big data ecosystem and the specialized technical skills we bring to the project.

Most importantly, we help ensure you truly derive value from the data lake, helping to implement specific business use cases and making big data management and analytics more efficient and cost-effective.

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Data Lake 360°

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