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Pradeep Varadan, Data Science Lead, Verizon
Scott Gidley, VP of Product Management, Zaloni



Data Lake Management: Extending Storage and Lifecycle of Data >>

Gus Horn, Sr. Consulting Engineer, NetApp
Scott Gidley, VP of Product, Zaloni

Enterprise Data Lake Solutions for Big Data Management and Governance

What is a data lake? A data lake is a single shared repository of raw data stored in its native format, often in Hadoop. Data lakes promise to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for extracting insights and value from big data.

But if not built and managed with the big picture in mind, instead of a data lake, you could end up with a data swamp. Further, if your business users cannot access the data in the lake, then its insights remain untapped.

Zaloni provides enterprise data lake management and governance software and services to ensure a clean, actionable data lake.


The only fully-integrated, data lake management platform for visibility, governance, and reliability

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The on-ramp for self-service data discovery, curation, and governance for analytics

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