Enterprise Data Management for Hadoop.
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Governance of the Big Data Lake with a focus on RDARR for Financial Services

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451 Research Impact Report

Zaloni expands Hadoop data management purview with self-service data preparation

451 Research Impact Report
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Hadoop Data Lake Trends and Predictions

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Big Data for Competitive Advantage

Leverage a Hadoop Data Lake to get Big Data working for you

As Hadoop Data Lakes become more central to your data strategy, quality, governance and workflow automation becomes critical. Zaloni offers software solutions to address these concerns and unleash the power of Hadoop in real-world production environments.

Leverage a Hadoop Data Lake to get Big Data working for you.
Maintain a Clean, Actionable Data Lake

Ensure the Data Lake does not become a stagnant data swamp

With Zaloni’s Bedrock, customers get an out-of-the-box, proven solution for building and maintaining a healthy Hadoop Data Lake. The industry’s most comprehensive data management platform for Hadoop, Bedrock makes it easy and cost effective to implement a manageable, scalable Data Lake, where companies can derive value from all of their data.

Maintain clean & actionable data lake: Ensure the Data Lake does not become a stagnant data swamp.
Capitalize on the Zaloni Effect

Do more, spend less

Zaloni’s Bedrock enables you to remove the obstacles associated with building and operationalizing a powerful, enterprise-ready Hadoop Data Lake, while accelerating time to market and removing significant operational expenditures. On average, we find that Bedrock allows customers to remove 70% of their OPEX.

Capitalize on the Zaloni Effect: Do more, spend less
Free Yourself from Reliance on IT

Enjoy self-service data preparation for analytics

Zaloni’s Mica enables you to see what data is available across your enterprise. You can blend data in the lake without relying on your IT team, and perform ad hoc data-driven transformations.

Zaloni's Mica:Free Yourself from Reliance on IT. Enjoy self service data preparation